FoodBlogCamp 2011 – DAY TWO

Three posts in four days??  You best run for cover because the sky is going to fall…  Day numero dos started with with a blitz of three speakers.  Blogging and writing nuggets from Jaden, David and Elise:

Following a much needed break for lunch at Azul we had two cooking demonstrations at Cocina de autor.  The first chef was very into the foie gras:

The bloggers were the paparazzi. ( As I write this spellchecker is telling me bloggers is not a word… Someone needs to write to merriam-webster and tell them what’s what.)  Here are Matt and Michael hamming it up.

One of the final dishes.  Not sure what it is but all I know is that’s one bite for me…

They had a wicked cool dry ice tank.

And samples to share of course.

This is Wiley.  I saw her across the room and had to take a picture of her so I dragged her away from the cooking demo for an impromptu photo shoot.  Isn’t she lovely?

Thus concludes my third post.  More to come?  Who knows? I’m mysterious like that… or lazy.  David Lebovitz said not to ramble so I bid you adieu.



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I remember why I took a break from blogging now… man is this a lot of work, fun, but work.  Sorry David, I’m done.

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  1. Fran

    Thanks for the link love, the shot of Wiley is great. We need a meet up one of the weekends soon!

  2. Another great post Rosa! You really got some great snaps as well. It was so great to have the chance to meet you! I’m glad you were able to make it home ok before the bad weather hit.

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  5. Hi Rosa, in response to your comment on my blog I had to put you where I did because a) the pictures were great and b) they were only good because you were definitely the most stylish one there!

  6. Roomie, did I tell you that I love that picture with the food arranged in a circle? No? Well, it’s beautiful and you’ve got a flair for food styling and photography!

  7. Well the color of my skin has finally returned to its pale white of winter from the greenish tinge it had last week while I was reading all the tweets and posts from FBC 2011. I so wanted to go not only for the learning experience in such an intimate-sized group but also because I was at the hotel last July and knew just how fabulous it was going to be.

    Glad you all enjoyed the learning and the food and service. I’m sure it was an experience of a lifetime. I really like your photo of the chef and the foie gras.

  8. jessies

    food blog camp looks like so much fun. take me with you next time 😀

    congrats on your win for the butter photo, dahhhhhling ❤

  9. Did I ever mention that I LOVE this picture of Wylie?! Classic. You’re really good with your camera. 🙂

  10. Roy

    Very thoughhtful blog

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