Alto Plaza


 If you’ve ever been to the intersection of 28 or 29 in Centreville, chances are you’ve seen this massive restaurant situated in the middle of a strip mall.   I was originally intrigued, but after reading tepid reviews I decided against it.  However the opportunity to try this restaurant arose when it was chosen as the place for Kathy and Viki’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely ladies!!  My husband would like to contribute to this blog, so sometimes you’ll get two perspectives on reviews like this one.  My attention span is short, so I won’t make this long or overly detailed, just the facts.

 The VU View::..

The decor: Contemporary and chic with warm tones of yellow, red, and oranges.  Swanky.

 img_0390  img_0392

The service:Good, attentive and friendly folks.  


The food:

  • Taste – Salty.  At least two other people agreed that their food was salty. I got the Tablones (braised short-ribs) and it just wasn’t that great, short-ribs usually make me very happy, I was not that happy.  I tried a friend’s fried calamari… yum, sure-thing right? It was actually under-seasoned! 
  • Presentation – Meh, at least with my plate, didn’t even bother to clean the rim?  I’m being picky I know, but seriously.  See pictures for yourself below (my dish is the first large image, and my husband’s is the second biggun).
  • Price – Didn’t get the bang for my buck.  Entrees are in the $15-30 range.  For $20 I got three slabs of short-ribs in a pool of sauce.

img_0425 img_0424


img_0431 img_0428


img_0378 img_0413

The VUrdict (teehee): Had low expectations, and still came out disappointed.  Service and decor may be nice, but what I get excited for is good food, and good prices are a bonus.  This is not a place I’d ever crave or would be willing to splurge on again.


The OTHER Opinion::..


The decor: Good.

The service: Friendly service, complimentary valet is sweet.  Better service than most restaurants he’s been to.

The food:

  • Taste – good (he got the Lomo Saltado, stir-fried beef)
  • Presentation – eh
  • Price – overpriced

The verdict: Not something he’d have to have again. 

img_0445 img_0442


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