Hello Internets:

Dude, I know I blogged like a madwoman for NaBloPoMo and then went MIA for over a year….

Let me ‘splain, it all started when my niece was diagnosed with Leukemia, and then I got pregnant, and then I had a baby, and now there is no such thing as free time, uninterrupted sleep, or blogging for that matter.  Niece is doing ok, she’s got two years of chemo left but she’s a strong little seven year old (soon to be eight!!).  My husband and I welcomed a baby boy in August.  And I’m still working full-time… Oy.  So no promises on any future postings, meals nowadays are takeout or what can be whipped up quickly and eaten easily (IE with one hand, doesn’t burn the baby, and doesn’t taste too bad cold) anyways so you’re not missing out on much.

So we are alive, tired, crazy busy and happy.  Hope 2013 has been as good of a year for you as it has for me.  Thankful for you readers who are still hanging around, thankful for our health, and most of all family.  Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, full of good eats, peace, love, and happiness.

HowYouDoin  What




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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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