BW3 Comes to Dulles, VA!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment since before September… My first trip to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) was on a business trip to Richmond, and as I recall they were tasty, and I was eager to be reunited with BW3 once more. So without further ado.

The decor: Casual sports-themed restaurant, with sports team paraphernalia adorning the walls.  Black concrete floors, black and yellow stripes, and red walls (I think red, probably yes).  My husband likened it to Damon’s.

The service: Our server was entertaining and pleasant.

The food: Wingsssss.  However I had the breaded mushrooms too.

  • Taste – Sauces were good, wings could have been crisper, juicier, and fresher.  We had the teriyaki and honey bbq.  Breaded mushrooms were goooood.
  • The presentation – Wings in paper baskets.  Personal gripe: isn’t this a bit wasteful?  Yes no need for dishes or washing them but def not environmentally-friendly.
  • The price – Wings come in denominations of 6, the more you buy the slightly cheaper it is.  Average wing prices.

The VUrdict: Did I mention I’m not affiliated with anyone of these joints I’ve reviewed so far? I promise I am not.   Alas my reunion with BW3 was a tad disappointing.  I am willing to give them a second try, but Main Street Wings (MS) kind of kicks BW3’s kiester in the wings department.  MS is crisper, juicier, and fresher, with a few tweaks of the sauces BW3 will be a distant memory in my book.  BW3 was not awful, but I was underwhelmed.  Rematch TBD.


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