FoodBlogCamp 2011 – Grand Velas Riviera Maya – DAY ONE

I want to start by thanking David Lebovitz, Diane Cu & Todd Porter, Jaden Hair, Elise Bauer, Matt Armendariz, Adam Pearson, Kate Moeller, Kerrygold, and Grand Velas for everything they’ve done to make FBC 2011 a successful event.  I came here with a carry-on and a backpack but I will leave here with so much more.  In addition to the 10 lbs gained from tacos al pastor with the crispiest shell for breakfast, countless amuse bouches, fresh chips and pico, I could go on and on (did I mention unlimited booze?), I will say farewell to Mexico with a lot of food for thought (pun intended), photography and food styling tips and tricks to try, and new blogger cronies.  And none of that would be possible without all of the above’s hard work to prep for and run the camp.  Merci Beaucoup. Cám ơn. Xie xie. Muchas Gracias. Thank you.

Day 1 of camp started with a photography session with Diane and Todd.  They discussed photography basics and the usage of light in capturing images.  Outside of the conference room was a table of FOOD for us to apply what we had learned.

Awakeatthewhisk slathered these puppies with Kerrygold butter for a snack after a morning hard at photography and styling.  Following the buttery photo shoot Jaden Hair spoke about the business of blogging.

After lunch we were invited down into the prep kitchens of Sen Lin where Chef Antonio Cortez demonstrated a smoked lobster dish.  The smoking gun is definitely going on my Christmas list.   Day 1 concluded with a delightful dinner at Cocina de autor, a Spanish restaurant featuring molecular gastronomy.  As you can see there wasn’t a lot of free time on the first day but we do have the afternoon off today so I’m off to enjoy some hot Mexican sun by pool.  Hasta luego.

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Hola from Riviera Maya!


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  2. Rosa, great post and great meeting you!

  3. Great shots! I really love that last one, you got a great perspective. I’m glad to hear you made it home in one piece. A few of the bloggers got stuck in Cancun with cancelled flights!

    It was really great to meet you and hopefully we’ll meet up at another event soon!

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  6. Aimee

    Rosa! I loved meeting you. Thank you for encouraging me to talk in my dormant Boston accent. Somday the Big E will have our name on it!

  7. Ah, those buttery cookies! 🙂

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  9. Normalmente no suelo sacar nada en claro de mucha información que
    hay por internet, pero he de decir que esta noticia me ha
    sorprendido mucho, felicidades

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