Thundersnow 2011 – Northern Virginia + DC area

It’s 6.12am as I type this.  I’ve just leapt out out of my bed (oy it’s telling me leapt isn’t a word, now oy isn’t a word either… anywho I’m using them! and anywho too…) to check the government operating status and after a night like yesterday it’s open on a two hour delay.  Can’t say I’m not disappointed but heck I’ll take what I can get.  For the first time in my life I heard the word thundersnow (here wordpress spell-check goes again telling me thundersnow is not a word! ha! or wordpress for that matter) which sounded like a cute new word like last year’s snowmageddon (OH c’mon that’s a word!).  However when I googled it (googled isn’t a word either?! oy!) trusty Wikipedia confirmed that it is indeed a word to describe a natural phenomenon.  Thunder+snow=THUNDERSNOW… SNOW… SNOW… snow…

I hate to admit this while I hear about everyone’s harrowing experiences but I was lucky to leave the office at 3pm and make it home in decent time, I won’t rub it in by telling you how long it was, that just wouldn’t be right.  But for many others it was far cry from the daily drive home, my sister and brother both had 6+ hour commutes and a friend I just learned on facebook had a 13 hour commute.  Boy do we northern Virginians have a story to tell our kids.  I can’t wait to hear everyone’s personal tales as the sun comes up and we must go back to our regular lives.  Abandoned cars. Power outages. Commutes from Hell. Peeing on the side of the road. Strangers helping strangers.  I’m a little sad to have missed out on the chaos (just a little, I’m grateful to have made it home in one piece), but I’m loving the facebook statuses where people made it home safely, thanking the strangers who helped them out, and the new friends made while trekking it in the snow.  What is done, is done, yes it was a night from hell but hey you have a story to tell your grand kids, lessons were learned (the weatherman isn’t always wrong, get gas before it snows, pee before you leave work), and strangers ain’t such bad people.

Share your stories… are you the one who helped a stranger out? did you walk two miles home? did you have to tinkle on the side of the road?

A sampling of fb statuses:

No power, unplowed neighborhood, over a mile to my abandoned car, but I’m still supposed to be at work today?
Terry sat on the GW Parkway from 4:30 yesterday afternoon till 5:30 this morning–13 hours is a lot of ‘rush hour’ traffic! He spent much of his time helping push people out who got stuck. Did I mention that he had no heat in his truck?
10 hrs later, I’m finally home. Thank goodness for my emergency bag of candy. I spent my night barely making it to gas station to fill up my tank. driving to tysons to get food…walking to McD’s to get more food..did a lot of standing around in the cold..then walked to gas station and waited for my heroic mom to come to the rescue in her SUV. Ended the night with some fun with shoveling. Now time to thaw…
It’s 2:30AM and I just got home after 8hrs of traffic in the snow storm from Herndon to G-ville. Thanks god my wife and I are home safe! Hope everyone else got home safely too. Also special thank to three unknown strangers on the road for helping me out when my car got stuck. What an eventful night.
No one will ever doubt u again weatherman (i never doubted u before). The stories today are unimaginable. Im just glad everyone made it home safely.

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  1. Hey roomie… I’m really glad you got home ok! Stay warm and safe and I hope the area thaws out soon. Ok, it probably won’t, but at least not Snowmaggedon 2011.

    • i’d actually love a snowmaggedon 2011… it was awesome being holed in the house for a week. samson got to run around off leash, and the snow was up to my gut. it was really just a freak event with all the ingredients for chaos… it came at rush hour, with rain, sleet, hail, and snow, and the government let out early so there was a weird outflow of traffic. hope you’re enjoying your california warmth!!

  2. Crazy storm, but I’m ready for another — I’ll just be more prepared. LOVE LOVE LOVE my waterproof Uggs. They kept my feet 100% dry and warm. Now, about that going to the bathroom before leaving work — doesn’t work so well when you’re stuck commuting 6 hours and walking part of that in shin-high snow and slush. Eeek. That was a real test of mind over matter! 🙂

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