QUICKIE POST – Carolina-inspired Pulled Pork

Dinner tonight was so good I need to post NOW.  Before Carolina Brothers, I was a tomato-based bbq fanatic.  CB opened my eyes.  This morning I plunked a pork shoulder in the crock pot.  Came home to a pork-perfumed house, did some vinegar/spice magic et voila, deener eez served.

Quickie Recipe for Carolina-inspired Pulled Pork (exact measurements to follow, maybe):

  • Place pork shoulder in crock pot before work/at the beginning of your day
  • Pour about a half cup of water into the crock pot
  • Turn to low, and be on your merry way for 8-10 hrs
  • With tongs carefully remove pork from crock pot and set on a cutting board to cool
  • Cut off fat and discard
  • With two forks shred the meat
  • In a bowl place meat, sprinkle with: paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, a little salt, sugar, cracked pepper, a dash of cayenne, and several splashes of cider vinegar
  • Mix, taste, adjust, wait wait don’t eat it yet
  • Add a splash of Italian dressing or hot sauce, OR BOTH… Dressing? Weird I know but it worked
  • Nom away, I served mine with buttered cornbread, and overly mushy green beans (per request of the husband)

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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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    eye ❤ quickies

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