Eleven More Things I’m Thankful For

Hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day.  Here’s 11 more things I’m thankful for and I’m headed to bed…

  1. Beautiful days like today, with the sun shining and cool air
  2. My nieces and nephew’s laughter which makes me feel young
  3. Being older and trying things a second time and realizing they’re not so bad
  4. My Vietnamese heritage which I didn’t used to appreciate
  5. Long weekends to recharge and reconnect with what makes me happy
  6. Life and the opportunity to experience and live it
  7. Good food
  8. Art that touches us all in different ways
  9. Music that makes me want to dance
  10. Everything I have
  11. Everyone I love




About savuryandsweet

i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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