Paris Prestige – Part Un

Paris Prestige

I learned about Paris Prestige, through an ad in the local paper and was instantly intrigued. The location they occupy was previously a Jerry’s, then SpiceTown. 

The decor: You can clearly see the remnants of the previous occupants, not exactly a french or paris bistro feel. What I can say is that it was tidy and clean.  What I’d like to see is a new, brighter floor instead of the current dark carpet, linen napkins, and the placemats made of drawer liners should go.

The service: Our servers were very pleasant and helpful.

PP Interior

The food: If you’re looking for haute cuisine, don’t expect to find it here.  Paris Prestige offers a small selection of french classics.

  • Taste – We ordered a ham and swiss croissant, croque monsieur, grilled cheese with a raspberry soda.  My husband and I loved the bechamel on the sandwiches.  The salad that came with the croque looked naked, but was actually spritzed with light vinaigrette, yum.  Lunch was simple, light, and tasty.
  • Presentation – Looked good to me.
  • Price – $5-$10 for lunch, both of us ate for $23 including tip.  Now it’s not Mickey D’s dollar menu cheap, but it’s not Mickey D’s quality either.  I feel that Paris Prestige is moderately priced. 

Croque monsieur

Ham & swiss croissant

The VUrdict: Lunch at Paris Prestige was a test-run of the restaurant to see if they were worth coming back to for dinner, and the answer is yes.  A nice and tasty change from the usual Asian, Italian, or Latin fare.  The location isn’t the best, being tucked away on Ashburn road, which is probably why the previous two owners are no longer there, but hopefully the third try’s a charm?


20630 Ashburn Rd
Ashburn, VA 20147-5625
(703) 723-1267

*If you decide to try Paris Prestige for youself, I’d love to hear your opinion.


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  1. Daniel

    My wife and I decided to try this place. We had seen it many timess, as we drive past it several times a day. There were three tables occupied, a very minimal, but attentive staff. Cordial, polite and very nice. We chose the appetizer from the specials menu, a light salad featuring smoked salmon, and sliced lettuce. For our entree I chose the veal with mushrooms and rice, and my wife chose the Tarte de Fruit de Mer, loosely translated that is a seafood tart. Both dishes arrived beautifully presented, and were very delicious. The aroma from the veal and mushrooms was wonderful, as was the soft veal in sauce. The Tarte de fruit de Mer was incredible, we have never had anything quite like it before. It was a quarter slice of the whole tart, a more than adequate portion, and it was absolutely delicious. It came with some salad greens on the side, with a light vinaigrette. For desert we had the Gateau, which is the house cake, with fresh fruit, including strawberries and Kiwi. With two drinks, our total was a little over $50. They have an ABC license application in the window, so they will probably serve wine in the future I would hope. The decor is as described above, not particularly Paris, but it was nice and quiet. I hope this restaurant gets a chance to succeed, due to it’s location it is definitely a destination, as I doubt many people will go there just for driving-by. We will definitely return.

  2. Ed O'Donnell

    I went to Paris Prestige this past Sunday. We’ve driven by a couple times, this time it was empty at 8:15 p.m. Well, what the heck, let’s use our 10% coupon and give them some business. We were pleasantly surprised at the menu selection. My wife, too, chose the Tarte de Fruits des Mer. We also tried the croque monsieur. Both were excellent! Picture the best chicken pot pie…now change the filling to good seafood! Now picture a decadent ham and cheese like the picture above…yes, you understand what I’m talking about. I chose the lobster special (1/2 portion). I was worried that at a little over $22 (the full is $45ish), that it would be a ripoff. I was pleased to find a full tail (split in halves) surrounded by a rich, milky sauce with thinly sliced/blanched carrots, mushrooms, and some asparagus. If I had vegetables like these as a kid, I would’ve turned out a whole lot healthier as an eater! The wine was a great compliment (although we probably didn’t need a whole bottle for the two of us…okay, mostly me) to the wonderful meal. The dessert we split was the Gateau – the house special. It rivals Cafe Rumi’s desserts. The only thing that was mildly disappointing was the “mini-baguette”. It lacked the traditional crust, texture, and flavor that a traditional French baguette has. Once they nail that, this place will be complete. As far as service – the family was extremely nice, full of smiles and quite polite. The decor – well, if you’ve lived in Ashburn for some time, it’s hard to forget that Jerry’s once was there. However, it’s a pleasant makeover and I really like it. It’s fitting for a strip mall. Now if they could just draw in a steadier stream of customers, especially on their slower nights, I’d like to see if they can handle a full dining room. I will definitely come back again with friends and family.

  3. savuryandsweet

    Thanks Ed and Daniel for the feedback! It’s great to hear from fellow ashburnians/loco residents 🙂

  4. Ed O'Donnell

    I will be hitting PP next Wednesday with a bunch of car enthusiasts. Apparently they’re closed Mondays, so we’ll see! Hopefully I can give them a decent headcount in order to not overwhelm them mid-week (just in case Wednesdays are a bit slower).

    I’ll try to remember to update. Looking forward to a great experience.

  5. We think about trying this place whenever we stop at Mediterranean Breeze, so we’ll definitely stop by next time we’re in the area. We love Mon Ami Gabi in reston, and of course Chez Francois. Anything remotely close to those places food-wise would be awesome in ashburn….don’t care nearly as much a/b ambiance as long as the food is good–especially for lunch. Thanks for the review!

  6. Eric

    So, we finally stopped by today for a late lunch @ 430. We were the only ones in the place, but it was fine b/c we went with our 3 yr old. The food was really good—had to get the croque monsieur b/c of the comments, and it was amazing. I got the salmon, which was good as far as salmon goes…i am a white fish kind of guy, but the sauce and green beans were both excellent. Wife got the veal stew, and was pleased. We got the chocolate fondante with custard for dessert and OH MY GOSH, it was so good. Very heavy on the cocoa, but that’s what we liked about it. As the above reviews state, you could tell it used to be a jerry’s, but not really in a bad way. I started thinking I would not like the neon, but then changed my mind (my son kept saying we were at the purple restaurant). Wood blinds would make a huge difference, as opposed to the aluminum, but other than that, it was clean and pleasant. Since we were the only ones there, it was a little awkward that the lady behind the host stand (who was also our server) didn’t have a book or something else to look at other than to stare at us when we ate and whether or not we dropped cheese on our chin, but maybe that’s what we get for going to lunch at 430. I wouldn’t want anyone to not go here b/c of my service review, it was just a little awkward is all. So be prepared if you go there on an off-peak time. Sometimes we felt like the apes on display at the national zoo! I thought at fist that it was b/c we had a toddler, but they had a kids menu, kids cup, etc, so I just wrote it off as an off time. Also, when we asked her what she thought or liked about this or that menu item, she just said that “they’re both good.” So, not too helpful, but certainly not a deal-breaker in the slightest. I’m just noting this in case there’s someone reading this who really needs a lot of guidance at a French restaurant, they may not get it. We’d definitely go again though, b/c the food stood on its own by far. Yum…it’s been 6 hours since we went, and I am needing another appetizer. Kudos to the chefs!

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