DC Winter Restaurant Week 2009

Yummy rolls

For restaurant week my husband and I went to PS7’s.  Above are little rolls of happiness.  The two round ones are cottage dill rolls and the square, piece de resistance, well one of the two, is the apple bacon biscuit, they were absolutely perfect with a smattering of the creamy butter.  Soooooo good I want more.  Below is the other piece de resistance, my husband’s appetizer of thai style mussels.  I’ve never been a huge fan of mussels but boy these were awesome.  Lightly flavored with curry, coconut milk, gracious, it may have made me a mussel convert.


Below was my appetizer of goat cheese flatbread.  It had the texture of melted mozzarella, but a slight tang of goat cheese.  It was topped with fried scallions and arugula.  Interesting.

Goat cheese flatbread

So I pestered the waiter for a menu which I left at the table, so I apologize for not knowing the exact names of the dishes.  Below is my rolled chicken dish, with a cranberry sauce and shredded turkey over celery root puree.  To me, this dish is vague, the husband says I can’t say that, but it’s precisely how it was.  The flavors didn’t meld together in harmony, rather they were mediocre and everything was similar in taste and texture.

Chicken roulade

Below is my husband’s tenderloin that was perched ontop of a potato croquette.  This is going to be difficult to explain, but the steak had a fried sear, which tasted like fried bar food, and the croquette was bland and dry.


For the husband his favorite part was dessert.  Warm bananas with rum, crisp, and ice cream, like a bananas foster.  I had a bite and it was good.

Banana yum

My dessert was the prettiest dish of the night, manchego cheesecake.  It had several different textures and tastes on the plate.  Salty pickled grapes, crunchy toasted walnuts, sweet and sour pinapple bits, and creamy cheesecake.  Wasn’t in love, but it was decent.

manchego cheesecake

The decor: Modern and chic.  High ceilings, modern lighting, browns and grays.

The service: Friendly and attentative.

The food: Contemporary American.

  • Taste – The appetizers were the apex in terms of taste.  The mussels were delicate and delicious, and the bread oh my don’t get me started.  But from there, it was a steep decline.  Dessert made the taste meter inch up a bit, but the entrees were beyond reconciliation.
  • The presentation – Only the entrees lacked visual appeal.  As you can see everything else looked and was good enough to eat.
  • The price – Restaurant week is supposed to be a good value, $35.09 per person plus beverages, tax, and tip.  I think for the quality of what we got, this was not a great value.  Otherwise I believe entrees range from $15-$40.

The VUrdict: Fabulous beginning, disappointing middle, and an ok end, reminds me of the Redskins.  My husband asked me before we went if the food would be any good because the menu was so cheap, and in my opinion Restaurant week is a marketing tool, and restaurants want to put their best foot foward right?  Either I’m wrong, they had an off day, or there’s not really a good tootsie to show.  Whatever it was, here’s my final say, if you want drinks, good appetizers, and perhaps dessert this a great place to go to graze, don’t waste your time or money for dinner.


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