Akira Sushi Bistro


I haven’t always been a fan of japanese, probably because my first experiences were #1 on an airplane (duh airplane food sucks) and #2 at a chinese buffet (I’m a dummy yes).  But recently I’ve discovered MY roll.  I can’t do raw fish or seaweed, just don’t like the taste or texture.  My roll is simple and delicious, and I am a bit biased but yeh it rocks.

Beef teriyaki

Above is the beef teriyaki, it was meh.  Beef was too sweet and lacked good beef and teriyaki flavor.  The veggies were cooked nicely but had a funny aftertaste.


The first roll with the orange and red sauce was the lobster roll, apparently very spicy according to the hubs.  The other roll is MY roll.  Picture this: crab, cream cheese, shrimp tempura, rolled in sushi rice and soy wrap, topped with panko.  DIVINE DIVINE DIVINE.  Yes, it’s bastardized sushi to the max, but you know what?  it’s delicious!!  It’s officially an obsession.

Akira decor

Below is if I remember correctly… well I don’t remember.  It’s pretty right?

More sushi

The decor: Of course it had an asian flair, but it was tastefully done.  It was a while ago, but I do remember a nice ambiance.

The service: Friendly peeps.

The food: Japanese.

  • Taste – The teriyaki wasn’t very good.  And my roll is pretty difficult to mess up.  Husband’s take will probably be the most helpful… he says it was a pretty standard sushi place.
  • The presentation – I find that sushi is always a feast for the eyes.
  • The price – I’m accustomed to asian eats being cheaper than most places, but I find japanese restaurants to be a bit more pricey.  Dinner set us back about $60, that was three rolls, teriyaki, and drinks.

The VUrdict: Not bad, not great.  Positive: close.  Negative: teriyaki.  In the future I will endeavor to write reviews soon after I dine.  This place deserves a second visit, mmmm bastardized sushi.


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