Tortellini with short ribs and zucchini

I love and hate Paula Deen.  She has such a great personality and most of her dishes look mighty good, but goodness the woman needs to cool it with the butter and frying.  I mean do you really need to deep-fry a bagel with lox and cream cheese?  I do secretly envy that built-in deep fryer…  So when I was craving Olive Garden’s short ribs with tortellini I decided to use Paula’s short rib recipe, and paired it with Bertolli tortellini, zucchini, and alfredo sauce.  The end result was ok, the short ribs were delicious but I think I should have used a different vegetable to vary the textures, all-in-all it was edible.

Seasoned ribs

Season ribs with s&p and Paula’s house seasoning.

Seared ribs

Sear those puppies good.

Diced onion and garlic

Chop the onion and garlic.

Braised ribs

Braise everything for 2 hours.

Tortellini with ribs and zucchini

Chop ribs, saute with zucchini, toss in cooked tortellini and ladle alfredo overtop.

Full recipe for ribs can be found at:


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