The Dock – Lansdowne, VA

The Dock - Lansdowne

For anyone who’s been to Lansdowne, you know it’s a bit on the fancy pants side. The Lansdowne Town Center is a cute little area with shops and restaurants. The Dock is the first restaurant you see when driving into the town center. Today I’m going to take you on a tour of my dinner before giving you a full review.

Huge popovers

Dinner started with these two rather large popovers which were about the size of a softball. I am a carb-lover. I will eat my weight in bread, rice, and pasta if left to my own devices. But I will pass on these things. They were tasteless, and rather dry. They needed salt, and should have been more eggy and moist inside. The Dock’s carb offering was more like a brown paper bag shaped like a popover. Luckily this was the only negative of the meal.

Blue crab and corn chower

Enter the heavenly blue crab and corn chowder. Great crab taste, fresh corn, and a silky creamy chowder. To. die. for.

Linguine pescatore

The husband chose the linguine pescatore. The linguine was slightly soft, but delicious nonetheless with it’s savory tarragon sauce and medley of mouthwatering seafood.

Surf and turf - dock style

I had the surf and turf – dock style. The crabcake, she was tender and superb. The steak, she was perfectly medium-rare, and seasoned nicely might I add. I am drooling as I type this.

We didn’t save room for dessert but left The Dock happily full and satisfied.

(Sorry no interior pictures this time, it’s embarrassing enough sitting in a restaurant taking pictures of your dinner.)

And we conclude this culinary tour with a review…

The decor: Calm greens, oranges, and earth tones.  Casual modern furniture and light fixtures.  Apparently they’re also a lounge in the evenings from Thursday through Sunday.

The service: Good service.

The food: Mainly seafood but they do offer pasta, and steaks as well.

  • Taste – Excellent food.  Cooked well.  Seasoned well.
  • The presentation – In review of my pictures, looks like they shoulda taken the two seconds to wipe off the rim or to nudge the entrees into more of an appealing presentation.
  • The price – Slightly pricey.  Not a weeknight casual dinner kind of place.  More of a splurge night.

The VUrdict: It’s dangerous to have this place so close.  Fabulous cuisine.  I would highly recommend this place for your next date night!


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