Main Street Wings – Ashburn, VA

Main Street Wings

Gone are the loud colors, sassy bumper stickers and hot sauces of Tijuana Flats and in its place is Main Street Wings (MS), the “Classic American Grill”. So you’re thinking same old wing joint right? Well you’re kind of right, kind of wrong. Where normally you order your wings in denominations of 10, at MS the wings are sold by the pound, so the wing count varies by day. When we visited Sunday, the wing count happened to be 8 fresh and tasty wingies. So let’s get down to business!

Wing count

The decor: Looks like your average bar/wing joint with a twang of retro.  I think it has potential, but a bit bare at the moment.  Let’s not go buck-wild and kitsch it out like a Bennigan’s but it could use some decorative accents.

Main Street Wings Bar

The service: They were a bit overstaffed, the ratio of staff to customers was almost 2:1.  But our server was very nice and informative.

Teriyaki Wings

The food: Wings!!

  • Taste – Celery was fresh, but a little skimpy with two small sticks.  I had the Honey BBQ and my husband had the Teriyaki.  Nice crisp skin, juicy meat, tasty sauce.  I enjoyed the BBQ, the Teriyaki was a bit garlicky.  They apparently are always changing out flavors and I’m hoping for Lemon Pepper one of these days.
  • The presentation – Wings in a basket, nuff said.
  • The price – Average wing prices.  They have specials!  Don’t quote me on this but I think half off wings Mondays and All-you-can-eat Thursdays, like ahem Buffalo Wing Factory.

Honey BBQ Wings

The VUrdict: Hooray for wings!!  Main Street Wings is a welcome addition to the Ashburn dining scene.  Can’t wait to try everything else they have to offer.

p.s. B DUB THREE IS COMING TO DULLES!!!  Not sure when they’re set to open but that is something I will be all over!!  Uh oh competition oooooohhh.  For all of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Dulles 28 Centre.  There may just be a wing-off in the near future….

For the BW3 review click here.


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  1. Thanks for trying us out! And yes, our decor got stuck in Ohio or something random, so it just arrived this week, and we’re hanging most of it this weekend. Not too much flair, but a little more vintage Americana feel. Our focus is our food, and our Purcellville location actually does about 70% non-wing, so please try out some of our other non-wing-joint offerings. PS–What did you think of the blue cheese and/or ranch? Just curious…And as far as bw3 is concerned, I’d be all over a wing-off.


  2. Brian,
    We received your facebook inquiry abour Flying Dog Pale Ale. Thanks for thinking of us! I am the VA market manager and am planning on stopping in to meet you. In the mean time, our beer is distributed by Select Wines Inc. They do have Doggie available in kegs. Please give Ted Curtis a call to set up a delivery time. I believe the cost is $105. (703-932-1491). I will let them know you will be contacting them. I look forward to meeting you!
    Heather Donahue

  3. savuryandsweet


    Good to know decor was on the way 🙂 Will be back to try the rest of your menu. I had the ranch, it was a bit thick, personally I’m a huge fan of Glory Days’ ranch. Looking forward to the wing-off!

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