Shake Shack – Madison Square Park, NYC

The pic above is blurry because it’s shaky shack! Ahahahaha. Ok bad joke, bad pic.  Lo siento.  I’m a new convert.  I love shake shack!!!

I ordered a shack stack and cheese fries.  Shack stack was a bit intense, but beefy and delicious.  Next time I’ll go with a single ShackBurger.  The fries were tasty, very tasty, I ate them all by myself.  Shakes are supposed to be really good too, but as you can see my gluttonometer was exhausted.

VUrdict: So how does Shake Shack compare on the burger scale?  Pretty darn good.  Less greasy than Five Guys (I still love you guys), I also prefer them over In-n-Out (sorry west coast), ok I’m going to stop here before I piss off anymore burger lovers.  Very good quality ingredients, do you see that green leaf lettuce? That ain’t no iceberg peeps.  Soft bun, beefy burger, fries crispy on the outside, hot and tender on the inside.  Two thumbs up.

***Pssst.  I’m late on the wagon for this one, but… SHAKE SHACK IS COMING TO DC.  Now if only they would announce an opening date.  YIPPEEEEEE.

Here’s another pic of the fries for my first commenter, Sonya 🙂 Enjoy.

Shake Shack

Madison Ave and East 23rd St

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  1. god i want those fries. care to share?

  2. i want them tooooo. i posted another picture for your ogling pleasure. sharing is caring.

  3. OMG I hope they come after I’ve shaken the rest of these 60 lbs. off of me! 50 to go! AAHH!! It sounds so good.

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