Mmmmmm – MMs

Back in December Amy brought these into work:

Mint chocolate is my favorite hands down, shoveling mm’s into my maw.  Now on my day  after Christmas Target shopping trip (where I bought $40 of bows and wrapping paper, hey I saved $40 thank you) I saw these:

Not as good as the premiums.  It’s the familiar candy shell with chocolate that most of us are accustomed to with a minty tang, but once you go premium you can’t go back.  I can’t go back.  The premiums just melt in your mouth (still not in your hands, of course especially not mine because they’re not there long before they’re in my mouth), creamy mint, and decadent dark chocolate.

If you see these in the candy aisle grab a bag.  You’ll be hooked. Mmmmmmm.

*Not an advertisement for MMs, they’re just so rockin good I had to give em a shoutout.


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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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