Bánh Ngon Nhất Vietnam – Tastiest Bread of Vietnam

I went for 8 years of my life before ever discovering bánh tiêu (pronounced bon tew), my husband went for 23 years before discovering Vietnamese food, this just boggles me.  If you’re reading this and have never heard of it before, you’re welcome; you no longer have to live without bánh tiêu.  Bánh tiêu is fried dough with sesame seeds.  Asians aren’t big on sweets, and true to its origins bánh tiêu is mildly sweet but still super delicious.  On my first trip to Vietnam I declared that bánh tiêu was the tastiest bread of Vietnam, little me was onto something great.  What’s so special about it? The husband and I can’t quite put our finger on it but I think he puts it best, “fried doughy goodness with sesame”.  Today I elevated this simple sweet bread to a new level with a simple addition…

Ice cream.  Did I mention bánh tiêu is hollow?  I gently tore the bánh tiêu in half and stuffed it with ice cream.  IT WAS GOOD.  Fried doughy goodness with cool creamy ice cream.  It doesn’t have to stop there, coconut ice cream with coconut shavings? Nutella? Durian (if you’re into that, not I)?  But for today the vanilla ice cream just hit the spot.  Another beautiful harmony of Vietnamese and western cuisine has been born.

Bánh Tiêu À la Mode

1.       Make or buy bánh tiêu (I purchased mine from Bánh Mì DC Sandwich)

2.       Gently tear in half with your hands or a knife

3.       Stuff with ice cream or filling of choice

4.       Try to keep the noise down while you savor the goodness

This is my entry to Delicious Vietnam, a monthly blogging event celebrating Vietnamese cuisine created by Anh of A Food Lovers Journey and Ravenous Couple. This month’s host is Nam Nguyen at The Culinary Chronicles.  For instructions on how you can participate, visit the Delicious Vietnam information page.

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Bánh Mì DC Sandwich – 3103 Graham Road Falls Church, VA 22042-2505 – (703) 205-9300

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  1. OMG! You’re killing me! I want this so badly and it’s out of reach with just 29 Weight Watchers points a day. LOL It looks soooo good and your photos are great!


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  4. hoang vu

    I tried this Banh tieu in Dalat Vietnam and they stuffed it with sweet rice and shredded coconut and it was delicious…

  5. Lan

    i would never think to stuff this bread with ice cream. it’s just something i nibble on, like a donut, dipped in some coffee.

    and really. fried bread? no brainer.

    • Fun Flamengo card. Great photo of the guys! SIX boys, I though two was plenty (heehee) The fellow in red could add a Santa hat and play the part very well. Happy Hosilayd.

  6. Aimee

    ROSA! love the new header! love your photos! love the thought of eating so much of this bread. fried dough PLUS SESAME? oh, yum. update more often, please!! xo

  7. Jun

    My kitchen staff at my sushi bar is Vietnamese and they make this ALOT. If you ever get your hands on red bean ice cream its worth it as a stuffing. Ive also made a simple ham n cheese melt with lettuce and its great too.

  8. Growing up in Vietnam I ate Banh tieu all the time since my mother always made it, the best way to eat it is just plain in my opinion.

  9. wi

    How to do this cake? I can’t find a recipe…

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