So just experienced my first quake… no biggie.  CFO turned to me and said are you shaking the table? Shortly after the entire room started to shake.  Having never experienced such a thing, most people rationalized it in different ways.  For my old coworkers in Chantilly, being so close to Dulles airport they thought it was a plane.  Some people in DC thought it was another 9/11.  For me, the floors above and below are under construction so I simply thought it was the contractors making a ruckus, my brain briefly thought about a herd of elephants but that was quickly rationalized as out of the realm of possibilities.  What an interesting day in the DMV.

So what’s going on?  Several government buildings are being evacuated, metro is apparently running slowly, facebook and twitter blew up with #earthquake statuses.  What is saVUryandsweet doing?  Went back to work 2 mins after, then got on here to blog, but going back to work shortly.

So in googling the earthquake, got a post about last year’s rattling quake at a whopping 3.6.  Funny I don’t recall that one now that we’ve had a 5.9.  For evidence of last year’s damage and devastation check this out.

So as I sit here typing this, I wonder if I should go home?  Aftershocks are possible but what difference would it be on the road or at home? Not to mention this work ain’t gonna do itself.  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling phantom tremors which is a bit creepy but ah well back to the daily grind.



Washington Post

We Love DC


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  1. Crystal

    You are a trip. Most people would be checking in with family or in slight panic, and you are blogging. At the time that I read your post I was shutting down my computer so I could head home and beat traffic. Glad to hear that you are alright.

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