Where have you beeeeeen?

*Disclaimer: Non-food related post, my husband calls it a rant.   I call it an explanation of where I’ve been the past year.  

I want it all.  I want to be fit, have a beautiful home, eat amazing cuisine for every meal, travel the world, have a rewarding career, dress super-fashionable, have an obedient beagle, have meaningful relationships, blog awesomely and I don’t want to lift a finger for it.  Ok ok, I understand that nothing worth having comes easy, but even if I did throw myself into all these wants I think I’d go crazy from juggling all those things.  So how have I solved my dilemma?  Well I haven’t, but I’m working on it.  Firstly have I mentioned that I am so human?  Well remember that as I ramble on.

Priorities – so I can’t have it all but some things are higher on the totem pole correct?  This last year I’ve focused on my home – purging, organizing, and decorating.  And organization really does set you free.  What started this was watching Hoarding Buried Alive, and telling myself I never, never want to be like that, ever.  In self-reflection I noticed a slight vein of hoarder-ism, I won’t go into the dirty details but let’s say I donated quite a few bags of stuff to a local charity.  Since purchasing our house 7 years ago, not much TLC had been put into it and it was time to make a house a home.  I’ve also been following younghouselove and they do some amazing DIY.  I may post pics on my own DIY, just maybe.

Balance – you can’t have it all unless you’re Oprah rich, but that we are not.  I have a crazy bad habit of letting myself get sucked into wasting hours on the internet and as many great things there are to see on the interwebs, I have a great many things to see and do in real life.  And while I still manage to waste quite a bit of time online, I’m cognizant of the value of my time and try (operative word – try) not to squander too much of it.  I believe they call it a digital diet.  Speaking of diets, I am not on one.  But through my past dieting ventures I’ve realized that I was eating way too much and come meal time I try to be mindful of my portions – I don’t deny myself what I want to eat but I just try to prevent myself from gorging, which I sometimes fail at but all you can really do at that point is shake your head and move on.  Example: Despite wanting to eat that entire package of bacon I do not because that would be bad for my gut – balance, I has it sometimes.

Living – just do it.  If you need a gentle nudge on the tuchus or inspiration Pinterest is a good spot to get it, but don’t spend too much time there, you will want to surface for air, sunshine, and food.  (Side note: I think a lot of you reading got here via Pinterest and my gut-pleasing croque monsieur.  YO thanks for visiting).  One of my favorite things I ever pinned was “The good things in life are not things”.  So I do things that make me happy (within the boundaries of not harming myself or others), I eat yummy food, I travel when the time and budget allows, I enjoy my time with my nieces and nephew, and I enjoy even more returning them to their parents and going home to my peaceful house. Some highlights of my time away from blogging include making chicken and beef pho for the first time, living my life-long dream of going to France,  having a home Chopped competition, eating crazy quantities of Chipotle burrito bols, finding some amazing eats in Miami, and having an 80’s dance party for my birthday.  I’m weary of promising about posting because it happens that when I do I somehow go MIA for a year, so hopefully you’ll hear more details about these things.  Fingers crossed.

Life is short – live well. How do you live well?  Tips?  Can you relate or am I just nuts and are you never coming back?

That’s my post for the day and now to go live what I ramble 🙂  Have a wonderful weekend interwebs.


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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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