Bacon Pancaaaaaake

So the husband thought it would be funny to play the 10 hour loop of a this crazy jingle at work, lock his computer, and leave his desk.  What a bastard right?  I have never watched Adventure Time but I am in love with this jingle – doubly crazy eh?  What’s not to love? bacon inside of a pancake =  where have you been all my life?

So I used this recipe and tried out a few variations: bacon strip, bacon strip + chocolate, chopped bacon, chopped bacon + chocolate.

VUrdict: Bacon strip wins followed by chopped bacon + chocolate.  For me the bacon strip just ran circles around the chopped bacon, the more bacon area the better.  As for the chopped+chocolate, that was a nice harmony of savory and sweet, smoky bacon + melty chocolate is good.

Recipe Notes: Next time I will probably do something more like this with less pancake batter.  A griddle is a great thing to have to make a big batch quickly.  If you’re making both sans choc and with choc, do the sans choc first.  If you want to play the 10 hour loop of that jingle while making these awesome bacon pancakes here’s the link.  Feel free to increase the amount of bacon in your recipe, I certainly did.


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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.


  1. Left out the maple, but been putting bacon in my pancakes for years. That is until …I added brown sugar and cinnamon to them! ❤

  2. Anonymous

    That boy has has to be more serious at work. Bacon and chocolate sounds like a winning combo. I am sure that the dark chocolate offsets the health impact of the bacon 🙂

  3. healthy eats

    That boy needs to get more serious at work. Bacon and chocolate seem to be a sinning combo. The dark chocolate should offset the health impact of the bacon 🙂

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