Stone’s Cove Kitbar – Herndon, VA

So in the middle of suburbia there’s this kitschy place called Stone’s Cove Kitbar.  It’s been described to me as an American tapas bar.  A few months ago I stopped by for lunch to give it a go.

The decor: Slightly log cabin-y with the wood and stone facades, with modern lines, and bold red walls.  The kitchen is actually in the center of the restaurant and you get to watch as cooks and servers with fedoras and pork pie hats do their business.  It’s a little loud but high energy.

The service: Despite the flurry of activity cooking and serving up food, the staff makes small talk while they ensure that your beverage and food needs are met.

The food: New American small plates.

  • Taste – Great flavors.  I had the seared sirloin which was cooked a perfect medium rare and it was served over a tasty polenta.  For dessert we had Cove Cones and I was particular to the key lime with a dusting of graham crackers.
  • The presentation – they serve a few dishes in cones which I didn’t try but sounds like a cute thing to do (as long as it tastes good).  Modern serving ware makes for a good looking meal.
  • The price – Not an everyday casual place to go.  Like any other tapas place a few plates will set you back a bit but it’s good to splurge here and taste a few offerings because what’s the fun of tapas if you only try one thing?

The VUrdict: A great place for a date or a girls night out.  This place has potential, I feel like they’re missing out by not having a fry station, french fries and fritters would be great additions to the menu.


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