Skittles Vodka

A few years ago I saw the Skittles Vodka Tutorial and was mesmerized.  Truth be told, the final product was strikingly similar to cough syrup and super sweet to boot.  Perhaps it works better with a mixer, but I don’t think I’ll be undertaking this task again.  The husband suggests to maybe up the vodka ratio?  Some things are a one and done deal, but it was super fun to do.

Start with lots of vodka, skittles, empty water bottles, bowls, coffee filters, and a funnel (a lot of items not pictured).

Let your OCD go crazy and organize those suckers, I mean skittles.  These babies go into the empty bottles.

Measure out the vodka and distribute into each bottle.  Don’t forget to enjoy a little yourself.

Watch the rainbow disintegrate.

Wait some more. (Note: you probably won’t use the entire bottle of vodka, so you can probably enjoy the skittle-free stuff while your rainbow percolates).

Transfer to pretty bottles (I got these at Crate and Barrel).  Decorate your liquor shelf.  Give to friends.  Stick it in the freezer.  Ingest at your own risk.


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