Lazy Saturday Post

Hello. Less than a week until Turkey day!  Lots to do, prepping for a fantastic last week of NaBloPoMo – OH BUDDY I’ve got a fun week planned.  Going to my first Redskins game tomorrow.  Hosting Thanksgiving at my house on Thursday for my family of 15.  Need to clean the house but I’m here avoiding it 🙂  The husband has been recently gotten hooked on listening to Bocelli’s “Por ti Volare” which is a beautiful song, he’s a newly proclaimed Opera lover.  Me, I appreciate Opera but wouldn’t go as far as the husband in my fanaticism.   Holiday music is on 97.1 now!  Which I know for most people is a horrible thing to do before Thanksgiving, but I love holiday music so much I listen to it nonstop through Christmas.  I’m forbidden to listen to it in the car while the husband around but that doesn’t stop me from listening to it on my ipod.  Aside from the holiday music, these tunes are on repeat on my ipod right now:

“Locked Out of Heaven” – Bruno Mars (the husband says this reminds him of Stings which indeed it does)

“Come Along” -Vicci Martinez

“Across the Universe” – Fiona Apple

“As Long As You Love Me” -Justin Bieber

“Sleep Walk” – Santo and Johnny


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i heart scrabble and tetris. i think about food all day long.

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  1. Anonymous

    Justin Bieber- Really?

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