Mark’s Duck House

I’m so mad at myself you don’t even know.  I’m scatterbrained, if I don’t forget my camera altogether then I leave my SD card in my computer, so all I had was  a measly 32MB of memory that happened to be in my camera case.  And of all times not to have enough memory it was on a day I had dim sum.  My apologies for not being able to convey to you the parade of goodies in pictures.  Below are my two faves, the white one is hai cao and the yellow one is siu mai (I’m referring to them with their Vietnamese names.)  Hai cao is filled with shrimp wrapped in a rice “dough” of sorts and siu mai is ground pork and shittake wrapped in wonton.


Dim sum is similar to spanish tapas, lots of small plates, LOTS.  The waitresses wheel carts around the room displaying delicious bites and you order a la carte (literally!).  This gets dangerous by bill time, but so worth it.

Dim Sum

The above picture doesn’t do justice to all the options available.  Below is a pineapple bun, not sure what it’s filled with, common sense would say pineapple, but I really don’t taste any in it.  The combination of the light dough, warm filling, and crumbly topping is fantastic.

Pineapple Bun

The decor: I’ve mentioned before that asian places aren’t really that flashy, and this place is no exception, it’s actually pretty tacky.  Dark green formica tables, vinyl seats, big pink flower wallpaper.

The service: A constant parade of food on wheels, white glove service it is not, but satisfying it is.

The food: Chinese dim sum!!!

* Taste – YUM.
* The presentation – YUM.
* The price – Not bad, but can get expensive, plates are $4-$10, my party of four racked up a bill of $80.

The VUrdict: Not as good as China Garden but good.  Mark’s gets real busy on weekends which says a lot about the food.  They also have pretty good roast pork and chicken, but that’s for another day.


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