Vietnamese caramelized pork

Growing up I never appreciated Vietnamese cuisine for the deliciousness it is.  In my younger days I would have taken a happy meal over a bowl of rice and meat any day.  But having been away from my mom’s daily homecooking and having had my fill over other cuisines, I do crave Vietnamese food now more than ever.  The real catalysts for my homesickness were reading Vietnamese food blogs which brought a strong sense of nostalgia.  White on Rice Couple’s blog posted a recipe for thit heo kho trung (caramelized pork), which was never a favorite of mine growing up.  But for some reason my mouth watered at the thought, and I was instantly compelled to make it.

I served the pork with rice, pickled veggies, and cucumber.  I didn’t cook it long enough, but next time I’ll simmer it for a few hours more.  Of course I tampered with the recipe before trying it, so it wasn’t as good as I hoped, but next time I will stick to the directions.

Find the recipe here.


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